March 29th, 2006
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Angela wrote a great blog a few days ago about the Mister Edhistory of attachment theory in the United States. I thought it might be interesting to tell you about some of the “from the horse’s mouth” information I have learned over the years…

One of the many perks of serving on the Board of Directors of ATTACh in the late ‘90s was the opportunity to get to know some of the top attachment therapists in the country at that time. As I was just coming on the board, Russ Colburn was rotating off. He was (is?) married to Vera Falhburg, author of A Child’s Journey through Placement and Residential Treatment: A Tapestry of Many Therapies. Between the two of them, they have years and years of experience in working with emotionally disturbed and attachment-affected kids.


One night after a long day of board meeting boredom, I found myself sitting in a hotel lobby bar in a small hotel in San Antonio,Texas, talking to Russ Colburn for hours. He began telling me about “early attachment therapy” from the perspective of a guy who was there.

Russ began working in conjunction with Foster Cline and Zaslow. Rather than trust my memory on the specifics of what Russ shared, I decided a more prudent approach would be to get it once again straight from the horse’s mouth. So to that end, I have arranged to interview Foster Cline this weekend and get the facts–just the facts! So watch next week for a series of blogs describing early attachment therapy from Foster’s perspective.

Foster Cline was not only an integral part of early attachment therapy, but as many of you know, he was co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute. In addition to writing a series of blogs based on my interview of Foster, I will also be writing about some of my favorite therapeutic approaches. At the base of most of my parenting, however, is Love and Logic. I believe it to be a wonderful tool for raising all kids–not just ones with special needs!

Stay tuned for some fun stuff coming!

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  1. I’m a Love and Logic fan too!

    Mary, mom to many

  2. Julie says:

    How cool! Never thought of Foster as Mr. Ed – but can hardly wait to hear the history!


  3. Dr. G says:

    Wow Nancy, what a coup! Interviewing Foster Cline. You GO girl!

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